Emoji Samurai

Emoji Samurai

Ever looked a smug emoji in the eye and thought "I want to slice you..."?

Now's your chance! Introducing Emoji Samurai, the fun and safe way to slice and dice popular emojis into hundreds of tiny little pieces. All your favorites are here: pile of poo, face with tears of joy, even "face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye".

Gameplay features:

  • Precise samurai slicing of pesky emoji (any ninja would be envious)
  • Special emoji power-ups trigger a variety of fun game-play features. Keep the slice meter green to charge and release a power-up emoji to max your score!
  • Keep an eye out for new emoji packs and new special power-ups in the samurai store, including limited edition emoji
  • Tons of popular emoji, you'll never guess which one pops up next!
  • Cheat death by avoiding bombs
  • Three game modes: Arcade, Time Attack and Hunter
    • Arcade: Slice your way through the emoji horde to claim your position amongst the elite nobility of the samurai
    • Time Attack: Slice as many emoji as you can before the timer runs out
    • Hunter: Hone your warrior skills by slicing a specific target amongst the masses

Many emoji were sliced in the development of this game. Tell your friends: Join the samurai and defeat the emoji horde!

Ice emoji slows time on Emoji Samurai