Noobie Soothie

Assists as a sleep aid for babies (and adults!) to sleep using soothing background white noise and by acting as a gentle night light.

Research has shown repetitive low frequency sounds (like what baby heard inside the womb, or a vacuum cleaner) can help to settle a restless baby, and help give their parents a more restful sleep in the process.

  • Dynamic animated scenes double up as a night light
  • Realistic, soothing audio tracks
  • Play for a configurable time, or continuous loop
  • Auto listen mode will constantly listen for an upset baby and begin playback when required
  • Control sensitivity of auto mode to account for background noise (high or low sensitivity)
  • Can run while phone is in standby or while app is in background
  • Relaxing white noise to calm your baby (or parents!) into a deep sleep
  • Night light with dynamic images and soothing colours that change over time


Scenes include:

  • Womb (gentle, warm lights and womb sounds)
  • Floor fan (constant background hum)
  • Rainstorm (Rain drops and thunderstorm)
  • Crackling fireplace (warm crackling fire sounds)
  • Beach with crashing waves (relax and pretend you're there!)
  • Nursery with gentle music box lullabies

This free app was developed by a new father for his newborn baby during the first sleepless nights and has been used with success ever since!

** Tip: Put your device into silent or airplane mode to avoid notifications disturbing your sleeping baby.

Noobie Soothie