Shooty Space Adventure

Shooty Space Adventure

Rule the skies in this endless arcade space shooter! A modern twist on classic arcade games of old.

Blast your way through enemies and compete with friends to see who can survive longest in this addictively fast paced, action arcade style shooter.


  • Infinite galactic fun
  • Smooth arcade action
  • Huge enemy variety, from aliens to missile launcher equipped cat bots
  • Save up boost by blasting enemies, then save it for the moments you need it most!
  • Two main weapon classes: Lasers and Bullets, each with their own upgrade path
  • Upgrade homing rockets for a devastating attack
  • Upgrade engines for more effective and longer boost
  • Big spaceship selection, everything from flying toasters, to bi-planes are at your disposal!
  • In game leaderboard interface shows how far off your next global competitor is!
  • Share your epic scores and achievements with screenshots on Facebook and Twitter
  • Upgrade ships, engines & weapons for a better shot at becoming the greatest pilot in the universe!
  • Blast through aliens, emoji, and other invaders to join the global leaderboards
  • In game leaderboard shows exactly how you stack up against the global competition
  • Never the same level twice
  • Free!

Inspired by some our childhood classics.

Shooty Space Preview